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Money, Real-Estate, and Life!


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How to Make a Budget- Tyler Pencek

How to Buy a House- Tyler Pencek

How to Get Your Dream Job- Tyler Pencek

Money Page

We teach you about finances that School doesn't. In the Money page we teach you financial basics, how to invest, and much more

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Why Should You Become a Member?

When you become a member with Real Life School we assure that you will have content that will help you grow in finances, credit, real estate, finding and landing your dream job, health, daily habits, and life! We have hand selected mentors that will guide you on the right path, which they have traveled for years themselves. Our mentors are hand selected, and the best in their specific field.

What Are We About?

We are here to teach, mentor and make this place better than it was given to us. The curriculum is not certified and you don’t receive a piece of paper that tells the world you did your homework and showed up for class. This company is simple and broken into three categories: Money, Real Estate, and Life… It’s simple, the world revolves around money, you need a place to sleep, and life is made up of so many different challenges that we “figure out along the way”.

Our Mission

 To teach a real education, taught by the people for the people.  

Our Vision

    One day at a time, one step at a time, one person at a time!

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Some of Our Mentors

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