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Become A  Mentor

                              It's our job to make this place better than it was given to us!                                                                       


  1. Click “Become A Mentor”, acknowledge our culture and mission, answer the questionnaire that vets your background and capabilities, and proves you actually know what you are talking about.

  2. Submit your Topic which includes:

    • A short checklist on your Topic

    • 2 minute video on who you are, and why someone should listen to you.

    • Upload your expanded video series.

  3. Real Life School will vet your “Topic”  profile and publish to the appropriate page.

  4. Once approved: keep your calendar up to date so our Members can schedule a “One on One”.

  5. When a Member schedules a time block, SHOW UP ON TIME, and be a mentor! 

  6. Once the “One on One” is complete, Real Life School pays you 90% of the total, we keep 10%!

                             (Example: $50 for 30 mins, you keep $45, RLS keeps $5)

     No hidden agenda, just linking people who are experts with people who want to learn!


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