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We only get one shot at this thing called "Life". School teaches the dream right out of us, people don't want to help you with you dream, and frankly there is too much information out there, leaving you feeling helpless! But not here! We will help you develop great habits, create a healthy life, and most importantly help you find and land your dream job! 

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Why is it only as a kid we are asked "what do you want to be when you grow up"? We believe everyone has a purpose, and we're here to prove it! Life's too short to work, retire, and die! We've been doing it wrong for way to long.... So join the family of mentors and let us help you figure out your dream job! There is a process, and we'll tell you how to accomplish it. 

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This page host a large variety of useful videos that didn't fit in any other topic.  Don't discredit them though!

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